Advanced invoice management

Digitization in a company is the next – and necessary – step in the development of the company. For companies, digitization is not an option, but a must in order to stay competitive, to maintain its legal certainty, and motivation for employees to provide them with modern work environment.

The UNISONO Flow system is a tool necessary in each company. Our solution is intended to transform  paper form of an invoice into an electronic form and to send it in this form to the accounting system. It replaces the process of entering invoices manually, and additionally it constitutes a digital archive, which offers an option to retrieve invoices easily. Thanks to this solution you can save your precious working time and devote it to other tasks.

UNISONO Flow is not just OCR; it is also professional documentation workflow, which in combination with the module of invoices offers an option to implement a process of multistage approvals of documents in your company.

UNISONO Flow - Correction Module

Purchase invoices

Scanning and recognizing the contents of invoices facilitates their approval and accounting. Each modern archive is fully electronic, if it is equipped with a smart and self-learning OCR tool (Optical Character Recognition – specialist software enabling to recognize text in a graphical file), improving conversion of invoices into an electronic form. UNISONO Flow effectively recognizes invoices from multiple suppliers and individual items, which greatly facilitates the generation of Standard Audit Files-Tax (SAF-T).

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Full integration with the financial and accounting / ERP systems

UNISONO Flow automatically downloads from the financial and accounting / ERP systems information significant for accounting: data of suppliers, recipients, categories, accounts, cost centres, etc. It is also capable of completing data or adding new suppliers. It reads invoice numbers given by your financial and accounting system, enabling to retrieve them from the archive in no time. UNISONO Flow.

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Some documents collected in the digital archive are related to workflow. The list of tasks arranges the work in the flow of invoices and contracts, or in any other pre-defined flow.

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Digital Archive

UNISONO Flow is a portal where invoices can be sent by your employees, as well as your customers. UNISONO Flow is also a professional digital archive – you do not have to be bothered with copies, backups and other administrative steps any more.

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You have immediate access to your documents from every single location in the world. A scanned document can also be viewed from the level of your financial and accounting system.

UNISONO Flow in the form of a service will save your time and you will be able to allocate it to some more creative activities. Laborious entering of invoices will no longer be your duty. Just a minute change of work organization will bring about great improvement in the documentation workflow, which will become fully digitalized.

Thanks to UNISONO Flow accounting agencies can offer their customers remote access to their documents 24h a day, as well as uploading and downloading scans without the need to engage their employees.


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