Additional applications

Additional applications

The resources of UNISONO Flow comprise additional applications intended to help you in your work with UNISONO Flow.

Simple Batch Manager (SBM)

Desktop application (Windows) able to read images of invoices from specified catalogues and transfer them collectively to UNISONO Flow.

SBM communicates with UNISONO Flow and downloads lists of companies and their document types, thanks to which it is easy to indicate a company to which selected documents are to be sent and the possibility of selecting another company by mistake is eliminated.

Additionally, the application is able to divide files into separate documents and to combine several documents into one.

Invoice Preview (PF)

Desktop application (Windows) intended to generate previews of documents stored in UNISONO Flow directly from the financial and accounting / ERP systems.

All you need to do is select a keyboard shortcut from the level of the accounting system, and an image of a specific document will pop up in the PDF format next to the invoicing software.

An additional functionality of the application is the option of exporting the list of invoices to a text file, which can be uploaded to the financial and accounting system, e.g. Symfonia MK/FK.

PortalConnector (PC)

The application operating as a service (Windows), which is a communication portal between the systems of  UNISONO Flow  and the customer’s financial and accounting/ ERP systems, is able to download data from the customer’s financial and accounting / ERP systems (e.g. list of companies, list of contractors, VAT registers, categories) and to export invoice data to the customer’s system.

Depending on the customer’s system, there are different communication methods. The software has an option of automatic data synchronization between systems and import of additional lists to UNISONO Flow depending on the customer’s requirements.


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