The workflow module is nothing but a user-defined workflow system. You decide what the workflow will be like and who will see its individual elements. You determine what will happen to a specific case at individual stages.

The workflow module has been designed in an extremely intuitive fashion, so that all changes could be implemented instantly. Coupled with the module of invoices, it provides a powerful tool by means of which we transform paper documents into digital ones, we automatically complete the form (OCR) and send it for approval.

UNISONO Flow - Workflow


Generator processes

Editor Rules / Actions


The embedded OCR engine is able to recognize a text and to complete a form. We define keywords in the browser.

Process generator

Thanks to simple operation in the browser it is possible to create a necessary process without a specialist’s help. By means of dragging you define the direction of the workflow, the stages of the process, and you can even design a form.

Rule /Action editor

Embedded editor of rules / actions will enable to design the desired workflow in a more precise way. The intuitive rule designer is equipped with an embedded glossary of accessible functions along with descriptions and examples, which makes the creation of simple conditions extremely easy.

Export templates

Data export from the Workflow module is very simple. All fields created in the process can be exported to the external system in the form of an XML file. To do that, simply create a proper XML template in the creator and use it in the Rule/Action Editor.

Integration with other modules

The module of tasks is integrated with other modules in the  UNISONO Flow system. In combination with the Invoices module, you are given an option to recognize paper invoices and to launch the workflow designed in compliance with your requirements

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